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heavy duty towing and recovery

We can tow and transport everything from tractor trailers, all types of buses, dump trucks, grain trucks, tractors, rescue vehicles, cranes and construction trucks and equipment. We specialize in heavy duty recoveries and have worked recoveries all across North America. We understand the cost of downtime and our priority is to get you up and running as fast as possible.

Machinery moving

Our crews dismantle machinery and industrial equipment ranging in size from single manufacturing or processing lines to entire plants and facilities. Efficiency, accuracy and safety is what our skilled-craft professionals will ensure on your dismantle project

Specialized in Bus Towing


Your Bus in Trouble?
No Worries AZ Towing Can help, 
We have Professionals who are specially trained in towing all kinds of buses like School bus, Coach bus, Transit Bus, MCI Bus. You name it we tow it. 


USA and canada-wide towing

Our heavy trucks can travel into the United States and Quebec.  This is a tremendous benefit to our commercial customers, so having a truck available to go is never a problem.


float & flatbed

We have a modern fleet of flatbeds to service your towing needs. We carry everything from Lamborghinis to hot tubs. If the load will fit on the truck we will, and probably have, towed it. Call us for quotes on all specialty loads.

tilt & load

Our tilt and load trucks have a variety of towing applications. Most commonly used for moving AWD and 4 Wheel Drive vehicles these trucks are extremely useful is removing vehicles from the scenes of bad accidents. All our tilt and load vehicles are 2 car carriers allowing us to move 2 vehicles at the same time. We also utilize them in moving classic or exotic cars and have a specialized motorcycle rack for safe and damage free moving of motorcycles.

hazmat & oil spill clean-up

AZ Towing is fully prepared and well experienced in cases where the scene of the accident includes a cargo or fuel spill.  We have contacts in the appropriate authorities to recover and manage any cargo or environmental spill


A well executed Air Cushion Recovery can save a valuable load and even more valuable time.Our air cushion recovery system is located in one of our Major Incident Response Units ready to mobilize to an accident location within minutes.  Utilizing large recovery air cushions filled with low pressure compressed air provides a safe and controlled mechanism to upright loaded tractor-trailers, containers, boats, aircraft, and heavy equipment and greatly reduces secondary damage from the recovery. The use of air cushions creates a greater lifting area on loaded, overturned units providing the perfect mechanism to handle sensitive casualties and loads. 


The ultimate in recovery trucks the Rotator has a 360 degree continuous boom rotation and is equipped with a hydraulic stabilization system that allows for secure anchoring. Extended reach capability dispatched to perform under the most extreme recovery conditions.


The Rotator allows us to perform roadside recoveries with minimal disruption to traffic by operating the boom at 90 degrees. The Rotator has the ability to rotate the boom forward for trucks that have front overhangs such as fire engines, bucket trucks, or cranes.

Our 50-ton rotating crane complements our floats and heavy flatbeds and is an ideal way to load and unload heavy equipment and machinery. Also ideal for shifting loads of steel and shifting loaded sea containers from one chassis to another.

We can lift loaded/sunken trailers in yards or parking lots, and also undock flatbed trailers & trucks. 

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